Campaign Recent Developments: Woodland Caribou

35 weeks 5 days ago

Right now there are plans in the works to ship 3.3 million gallons of crude oil per year to the northern Manitoba port of Churchill, where it would be loaded on to tankers travelling through Hudson Bay.

The rail line, operated by Omnitrax Inc., travels through remote wilderness areas and sensitive wildlife habitat, where a potential oil spill would be disastrous and extremely difficult to clean up.

1 year 5 weeks ago

It is with great disappointment that I report that the legal appeal of our logging road decision has ended. Because of Tolko Industries’ construction of a logging road across Grass River Provincial Park, we took legal action and asked a judge to explain if a logging road is considered logging, and if a logging road would be banned from provincial parks under Manitoba’s new park logging legislation.

1 year 11 weeks ago

Fresh on the heels of last year’s announcement of a new peat mine operation in Hecla / Grindstone Provincial Park, the Manitoba government has allowed Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company (Hudbay) to begin construction on a copper mine operation in Grass River Provincial Park.

1 year 15 weeks ago

Average Manitoban Not Served by Secrecy and Lack of Information

For most Manitobans, the Environmental Licencing process is broken. The administration of our Environment Act is failing a majority of people in this province, but there are ways to fix it.

1 year 20 weeks ago

Guest Blog

Christmas is threatened this year! Did you know caribou are the same species as reindeer? That means Santa can’t fly his sled without the woodland caribou!

1 year 49 weeks ago

by Eric Reder, Campaign Director, Manitoba

WINNIPEG -  Late on Sunday, May 6th, after a whirlwind weekend for the Yinka Dene Alliance Freedom Train riders, I took my truck to the hostel to help transport them back to the train station so they could continue their journey. After filling the back with luggage, there was an exclamation as they went to hop in the front. “A caribou! Oh, we have to get our friend. She’s part of the caribou clan.” People clambered around, and pictures were taken of the caribou decal on the side window of my truck.  

2 years 8 weeks ago

Last week we encouraged you to write letters about the federal government’s path for caribou.

2 years 9 weeks ago

To Canadians, caribou are iconic, akin to the maple leaf and the beaver. For 75 years, when a Canadian reached into his or her pocket, they were likely to find a caribou gracing a 25-cent piece.

2 years 12 weeks ago

On January 18, another step was taken for the preservation of the Heart of the Boreal, the magnificent heartland of wilderness stretching across the Manitoba - Ontario border.

2 years 30 weeks ago

This wasn’t a friendly crowd. In fact, they had a senseless anger that not one of them would have displayed in a personal encounter, but together they felt they could exude.