Write Wild - Help Manitoba's Reindeer This Christmas!

“Did you know that caribou are key indicators of the health of a forest? However, the species is endangered. Their population is decreasing due to habitat loss. To help them, send a letter to government asking for habitat protection. Pass this letter-writing tool on to everyone you know to help spread the word."

This is the message that was crafted at the 2012 Greenspace Youth Conference. The environmental groups from 10 high schools learned that caribou and reindeer are actually the same species. They also learned about the need to protect the home forest of the Owl-Flinstone caribou in southeast Manitoba.

More than 10,000 Manitobans have already contacted the government, asking that woodland caribou be protected. Recently, both the federal and provincial governments stated that the caribou need more undisturbed habitat, and more of their home forest protected. Now we need to ensure that the government gets our message—that we want caribou forests protected!

Below you'll find more of the message that the students conveyed. Please use these points and write your own letter to Premier Greg Selinger and Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Gord Mackintosh.

What Manitoba students had to say about woodland caribou:

  •  “We want to protect and preserve these majestic creatures.”
  • “Help preserve our woodland caribou this Christmas by protecting caribou habitat.”
  • “Christmas is threatened this year. Manitoba caribou are losing their home due to industrial development.”
  • “Ensure government keeps its promise to maintain boreal woodland caribou.”
  • “Woodland caribou are a symbol of the northern Canadian wilderness...protect them!”
  • “It is our job as a society to use our voices to get the message out, to protect caribou.”
  • “Woodland caribou are key indicators of the health of a forest.”
  • “Santa can’t fly his sled without the woodland caribou!”
  • “Destroying caribou habitat doesn’t make much cents. Let’s not leave the fate of the caribou to a flip of a quarter.”
  • “There’s no caribou without your care; you need to get the facts, get involved, and get green.”
  • “Christmas is the season for giving; give the forests back to woodland caribou.”


Please also include some of these simple facts about caribou habitat protection in Manitoba:

  • The Manitoba government first committed to protecting caribou habitat in 2000—12 years ago.
  • The federal government recently stated, in the 2012 Recovery Strategy, that the Owl-Flintstone caribou don't have enough undisturbed habitat to survive.
  • The provincial government's draft strategy for the Owl-Flintstone caribou, released over a year ago, called for new protected areas for these caribou.

Now is the time to act! Let's save Manitoba's reindeer for Christmas.

"(P.S. Reindeers Rule!)"

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